A Trip To Casablanca

The seaside town has more than one trick up its sleeve to impress you! The city has two distinct faces: that of the old "medina" and the new "medina".

Casablanca is the modern city of Morocco and the largest metropolis in the Maghreb: you must set foot there. The seaside town has more than one trick up its sleeve to impress you! The city has two distinct faces: that of the old “medina” and the new “medina”. Between historical and industrial monuments, between land and sea, and although the city is very different from Marrakech, it charms most of its visitors.

Tips before departure: Don’t hesitate to get a feel for the weather, so you can pack your bags accordingly. When you go out, keep the minimum with you and leave your value stuff at the hotel, but don’t forget your camera!

The must-see monuments

The first monument you should visit in the city of Casablanca is the Hassan II Mosque. Built by a French architect in 1989, the mosque is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and offers a rather incredible view! This modern religious and cultural complex is one of the 3 largest mosques in the world, with its 200-metre-high minaret, it can be said to be the new attraction of Casablanca. His style? A new Islamic-Moroccan architecture that you will no doubt appreciate.

Take a tour of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes located a few meters from the Boulevard de la résistance. At first glance, it does not impress many people with its rather banal façade … But once inside, cut off from all the noises of the city, you will feel like you are in another world, in front of more than 800 m2 of beautifully worked and colorful stained glass. Another church to visit is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

The last set of monuments I advise you to visit is in Mohammed V Square. In this square, you can admire the Palace of Justice and the Wilaya of Casablanca – the prefecture of the Casablanca metropolis and two other Moroccan provinces, Mediouna and Nouaceur.

For more information on site, I advise you to go to the Casablanca Tourist Office, 55 Omar Slaoui Street. When visiting, don’t forget to hydrate yourself and always have sunscreen on you.

Walks and walks

Ancient medina I advise you to walk through the ancient medina especially if you want to take a break with the modern part of Casablanca. The old medina, otherwise called the Old Town, is a rather pleasant and lively place where you can visit other mosques and ancient buildings such as the Mosque of Jamâa Ould el-Hamra on its feet since the 18th century. You will come across on your way the shrine of Sisi Kairouani which houses within it the burial of the first mayor of the city and his daughter, Lalla Beida, known by all Moroccans as “the girl with white skin”.

Walking along the port Casablanca is the first port city of Morocco. Its port is one of the most charming in the country. Walking on the ledge you can stop to sip tea in a bar, break the crust in the many restaurants overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and even go dancing until the end of the night if you like!

Parks and green spaces If you want to lie in the grass for a picnic while admiring gardens where flowers and palm trees mix, you have to go through the Arab League Park and Yasmina Games Park.

Derb Ghallef souk Located in a working-class area of Casablanca, the market offers all kinds of products at a lower cost. Fresh fruits and vegetables, quality fabric, colourful clothing and multimedia products. Most market traders are professionals and promise quality products. Even if you plan not to buy anything, the place is damn worth the detour and the atmosphere that reigns in this bric-a-brac is really nice!