Paracas, A City To Discover In A Few Days

Want to meet penguins or sea lions, or to ride the Quad at a lower price in a remarkable place? Paracas is the perfect destination for you for a weekend!

Want to meet penguins or sea lions, or to ride the Quad at a lower price in a remarkable place? Paracas is the perfect destination for you for a weekend!

Discover Paracas – Surrounding

Paracas is a bit of a destination to escape from the polluted daily life of Lima that I have known for a few months. This city is only 3 hours by bus from the Peruvian capital, for about 100 soles A/R with a direct bus, or about 40 soles A/R if you first go to Pisco by bus and then you take a taxi to Paracas (a solution we have of course chosen, because more economical!), all in 4 hours. But what can we do for a weekend in Paracas? That’s what I am going to present to you in this article!

The Ballestas Islands

How can I not start this article with the famous Ballestas Islands, which are only a few dozen minutes by boat from the port of Paracas? This is the attraction that attracts the most tourists in this small town of 1,500 inhabitants!

By making this excursion, you will have the opportunity to see dozens of different species of animals, starting from penguins, passing through the hundreds of birds, not forgetting the famous sea lions that chill on the rocks.

Count about 40 soles A/R for this guided tour of about two hours, which is nice without being unforgettable (and god knows I love penguins!).

Paracas National Reserve

Here’s something to do! Protected by UNESCO, this remarkable place will allow you to discover Paracas in a different way. By quad bike, bike, bus or even on foot, you should be able to discover this reserve in the way that suits you best! We opted for the first solution: the quad. We searched for a long time an agency to carry out this little trip, but the prices were often too high. Maybe because we look a little too much like gringos?

Then a woman called us in the street to offer us an offer. At first a little confused about this direct approach, we went to his agency whose name we had already seen in the Lonely Planet, Paracas Explorer. For a hundred soles, we were entitled to 3 hours of quad biking, with an accredited guide of course!

This experience was really nice, and much more original than a simple bus tour in my opinion. Besides, the people who passed from time to time next to us in these famous buses still seemed very bored and would probably have preferred to be in our place for a few soles of difference. It’s up to you, but I highly recommend this activity.

In the end, we were lucky enough to be able to walk at more or less brisk pace in the desert and on the beaches of Paracas, and this in total freedom. And it was a dream come true!

Don’t forget to relax in the many small terraces that overlook the sea to enjoy the calm of a small town! Moreover, there are many quality hotels that offer SPAs, swimming pools and other ways to relax quietly which remains perfect for a few days.

The rest of the city of Paracas is not necessarily attractive in itself, there are only a few thousand inhabitants who all live more or less of a tourism-related activity: don’t be surprised to be approached a dozen times on the street to be offered boat tours or other.

There is finally a history museum in the city that I did not have the opportunity to visit but which would deserve a look according to some people met on the spot. See if you have time? In any case, do not hesitate to return to our blog trip after your little trip to this peaceful city!