Visit The Philippines Tomorrow! Here are the Top 10 Reasons

Pack the bags, we go to discover the country that invented karaoke (and we do not laugh with that there).

I have just returned from the Philippines and I miss this fascinating country already. Everything is done to bring back the head filled with memorable memories. And you know what? I’ll give you 10 good reasons to leave to discover this country tomorrow. Pack the bags, we go to discover the country that invented karaoke (and we do not laugh with that there).

1  An extremely welcoming population

I was warned (in a good way) when I was in Malaysia. Filipinos are known for being very warm and smiling. And God knows it’s true! 

What a joy to walk around a country where people have their heart on their hands and are always there to smile at you without asking for anything in return.

2 A country that is financially accessible

The Philippines is one of the cheapest countries in the world to live in. This is also true for tourists! 

You can very easily eat for a few euros, sleep for less than 10 euros, and so on. Getting to the Philippines means making sure your trip doesn’t cost you to be there. And it’s already very good to take!

3 Sumptuous landscapes to discover

Whether it’s for its world-renowned rice paddies (and UNESCO-listed) or for its countless volcanoes (whether active or not), the Philippines is full of postcard landscapes that will only amaze your retinas. There are not ten minutes that go by without you just getting a slap.

4 For lovers of walking

As I said a little earlier, the Philippines has many volcanoes and highlights on its 7000 islands. There are many nice treks to do, with the First One of the Rice Fields of Banaue/Batad, whose level is relatively accessible but I assure you that your eyes will remember it for a long time. I also heard a lot of good news from the Trek of Batanes, further north of the country. Notice to amateurs.

For my part, I made a walk of about 5 hours A/R to access the lake of the Pinatubo Volcano. This volcano sadly did a lot of damage in 1991 when it erupted… Since then, nature has returned to the surrounding area and is gradually regaining its rights. The walk to the lake is simply beautiful, I can only recommend this exceptional hike that puts you in full view.

If you’re interested, you can leave Manila at 4am on an excursion with a small group or you can sleep in a village near the starting point of the trek, Angeles.

I advise you to walk fully, not climb with the 4×4 to the volcano. The latter is definitely worth a visit and making an effort to see this beautiful place allows you to be rewarded in the best way.

5 For its traditions unique in the world

For me, there is nothing more pleasant than going to a country whose traditions are still preserved and respected. And that’s also part of why I loved going to the Philippines. Want to get around? You’ll have to take the “Jeepney”, a kind of bus with a style truly unique in the world. And we can even put ourselves on the roof of the latter if we like.

6 For diving & snorkelling

The Philippines is renowned for offering world-famous spots for scuba diving lovers. And I had the chance to check that out! Between the little clownfish and the corals of various colors, I feasted on the beauty of the Philippine seabed. If you are interested, I advise you to go around El Nido, you will inevitably find your happiness to dive!

7 For the food

Filipino food is strangely not the most famous… And yet, I found that there is something to eat and have fun! The cuisine is also very diverse since it is influenced by Chinese, Spanish and Malay food… My favorite? Simply mangoes, naturally sweet as ever, a real delight to devour them one after the other. You’ll think of me if you can eat it.

In the other dishes to test, I can not forget to cite the fish balls, the siopao, and of course the “halo halo”, a very original dessert. I’m not telling you any more!

On the other hand, I had the impression that you have to move away from the capital to be able to discover really original and typical dishes. In Manila, you will find a lot of fast food and not necessarily too many dishes from the country. So get away!

Did you know that Mac Donald’s is not the leading fast food restaurant in the Philippines? The American giant is only 2nd, behind Jollibee, a local fast food chain in the Philippines!

Last thing, don’t expect to pay dearly in order to eat. As said above, this country is not very expensive. 3 euros will allow you to eat well!

8 The rest of Southeast Asia easily accessible

If you go to the Philippines, you can afford to “jump” to a neighbouring country in just 2 hours of flight. To Malaysia, to Indonesia for tickets that are less than 100 euros! Airlines like AirAsia allow you to fly at very low cost, so why not?

9 For its heavenly beaches

I’m not really the type to take a plane for tens of hours to see only paradise beaches (you might as well go to Corsica for that, much faster accessible!) but those in the Philippines are well worth a visit. I’ve rarely seen a blue as pure as in the “Big Lagoon” of El Nido. And when you know that the water is more than 27 degrees in general, jumping into the water of the boat as soon as it stops is a real pleasure.

10 A country that is still not very touristy

The last argument, and probably not the least! The Philippines is a country still relatively forgotten by mass tourism. And you really need to make the most of it as quickly as possible before all that changes.

I almost asked myself the question: Shouldn’t I keep this little piece of paradise to myself and not tell my readers? Reason has prevailed, so I have only one piece of advice for you: On your next vacation, spend them in the Philippines!