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Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Philippines

Pack the bags, we go to discover the country that invented karaoke (and we do not laugh with that there).

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Visit The Philippines Tomorrow! Here are the Top 10 Reasons

I have just returned from the Philippines and I miss this fascinating country already. Everything is done to bring back the head filled with memorable memories. And you know what? I’ll give you 10 good reasons to leave to discover this country tomorrow. Pack the bags, we go to discover the country that invented karaoke (and we do not laugh with that there).

1  An extremely welcoming population

I was warned (in a good way) when I was in Malaysia. Filipinos are known for being very warm and smiling. And God knows it’s true! 

What a joy to walk around a country where people have their heart on their hands and are always there to smile at you without asking for anything in return.

2 A country that is financially accessible

The Philippines is one of the cheapest countries in the world to live in. This is also true for tourists! 

You can very easily eat for a few euros, sleep for less than 10 euros, and so on. Getting to the Philippines means making sure your trip doesn’t cost you to be there. And it’s already very good to take!

3 Sumptuous landscapes to discover

Whether it’s for its world-renowned rice paddies (and UNESCO-listed) or for its countless volcanoes (whether active or not), the Philippines is full of postcard landscapes that will only amaze your retinas. There are not ten minutes that go by without you just getting a slap.

4 For lovers of walking

As I said a little earlier, the Philippines has many volcanoes and highlights on its 7000 islands. There are many nice treks to do, with the First One of the Rice Fields of Banaue/Batad, whose level is relatively accessible but I assure you that your eyes will remember it for a long time. I also heard a lot of good news from the Trek of Batanes, further north of the country. Notice to amateurs.

For my part, I made a walk of about 5 hours A/R to access the lake of the Pinatubo Volcano. This volcano sadly did a lot of damage in 1991 when it erupted… Since then, nature has returned to the surrounding area and is gradually regaining its rights. The walk to the lake is simply beautiful, I can only recommend this exceptional hike that puts you in full view.

If you’re interested, you can leave Manila at 4am on an excursion with a small group or you can sleep in a village near the starting point of the trek, Angeles.

I advise you to walk fully, not climb with the 4×4 to the volcano. The latter is definitely worth a visit and making an effort to see this beautiful place allows you to be rewarded in the best way.

5 For its traditions unique in the world

For me, there is nothing more pleasant than going to a country whose traditions are still preserved and respected. And that’s also part of why I loved going to the Philippines. Want to get around? You’ll have to take the “Jeepney”, a kind of bus with a style truly unique in the world. And we can even put ourselves on the roof of the latter if we like.

6 For diving & snorkelling

The Philippines is renowned for offering world-famous spots for scuba diving lovers. And I had the chance to check that out! Between the little clownfish and the corals of various colors, I feasted on the beauty of the Philippine seabed. If you are interested, I advise you to go around El Nido, you will inevitably find your happiness to dive!

7 For the food

Filipino food is strangely not the most famous… And yet, I found that there is something to eat and have fun! The cuisine is also very diverse since it is influenced by Chinese, Spanish and Malay food… My favorite? Simply mangoes, naturally sweet as ever, a real delight to devour them one after the other. You’ll think of me if you can eat it.

In the other dishes to test, I can not forget to cite the fish balls, the siopao, and of course the “halo halo”, a very original dessert. I’m not telling you any more!

On the other hand, I had the impression that you have to move away from the capital to be able to discover really original and typical dishes. In Manila, you will find a lot of fast food and not necessarily too many dishes from the country. So get away!

Did you know that Mac Donald’s is not the leading fast food restaurant in the Philippines? The American giant is only 2nd, behind Jollibee, a local fast food chain in the Philippines!

Last thing, don’t expect to pay dearly in order to eat. As said above, this country is not very expensive. 3 euros will allow you to eat well!

8 The rest of Southeast Asia easily accessible

If you go to the Philippines, you can afford to “jump” to a neighbouring country in just 2 hours of flight. To Malaysia, to Indonesia for tickets that are less than 100 euros! Airlines like AirAsia allow you to fly at very low cost, so why not?

9 For its heavenly beaches

I’m not really the type to take a plane for tens of hours to see only paradise beaches (you might as well go to Corsica for that, much faster accessible!) but those in the Philippines are well worth a visit. I’ve rarely seen a blue as pure as in the “Big Lagoon” of El Nido. And when you know that the water is more than 27 degrees in general, jumping into the water of the boat as soon as it stops is a real pleasure.

10 A country that is still not very touristy

The last argument, and probably not the least! The Philippines is a country still relatively forgotten by mass tourism. And you really need to make the most of it as quickly as possible before all that changes.

I almost asked myself the question: Shouldn’t I keep this little piece of paradise to myself and not tell my readers? Reason has prevailed, so I have only one piece of advice for you: On your next vacation, spend them in the Philippines!

A Trip To Casablanca

Casablanca is the modern city of Morocco and the largest metropolis in the Maghreb: you must set foot there. The seaside town has more than one trick up its sleeve to impress you! The city has two distinct faces: that of the old “medina” and the new “medina”. Between historical and industrial monuments, between land and sea, and although the city is very different from Marrakech, it charms most of its visitors.

Tips before departure: Don’t hesitate to get a feel for the weather, so you can pack your bags accordingly. When you go out, keep the minimum with you and leave your value stuff at the hotel, but don’t forget your camera!

The must-see monuments

The first monument you should visit in the city of Casablanca is the Hassan II Mosque. Built by a French architect in 1989, the mosque is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and offers a rather incredible view! This modern religious and cultural complex is one of the 3 largest mosques in the world, with its 200-metre-high minaret, it can be said to be the new attraction of Casablanca. His style? A new Islamic-Moroccan architecture that you will no doubt appreciate.

Take a tour of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes located a few meters from the Boulevard de la résistance. At first glance, it does not impress many people with its rather banal façade … But once inside, cut off from all the noises of the city, you will feel like you are in another world, in front of more than 800 m2 of beautifully worked and colorful stained glass. Another church to visit is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

The last set of monuments I advise you to visit is in Mohammed V Square. In this square, you can admire the Palace of Justice and the Wilaya of Casablanca – the prefecture of the Casablanca metropolis and two other Moroccan provinces, Mediouna and Nouaceur.

For more information on site, I advise you to go to the Casablanca Tourist Office, 55 Omar Slaoui Street. When visiting, don’t forget to hydrate yourself and always have sunscreen on you.

Walks and walks

Ancient medina I advise you to walk through the ancient medina especially if you want to take a break with the modern part of Casablanca. The old medina, otherwise called the Old Town, is a rather pleasant and lively place where you can visit other mosques and ancient buildings such as the Mosque of Jamâa Ould el-Hamra on its feet since the 18th century. You will come across on your way the shrine of Sisi Kairouani which houses within it the burial of the first mayor of the city and his daughter, Lalla Beida, known by all Moroccans as “the girl with white skin”.

Walking along the port Casablanca is the first port city of Morocco. Its port is one of the most charming in the country. Walking on the ledge you can stop to sip tea in a bar, break the crust in the many restaurants overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and even go dancing until the end of the night if you like!

Parks and green spaces If you want to lie in the grass for a picnic while admiring gardens where flowers and palm trees mix, you have to go through the Arab League Park and Yasmina Games Park.

Derb Ghallef souk Located in a working-class area of Casablanca, the market offers all kinds of products at a lower cost. Fresh fruits and vegetables, quality fabric, colourful clothing and multimedia products. Most market traders are professionals and promise quality products. Even if you plan not to buy anything, the place is damn worth the detour and the atmosphere that reigns in this bric-a-brac is really nice!

Discovering The Explorers Way: From Darwin To Adelaide

I recently returned from an atypical trip. The kind of journey that can’t leave you indifferent. Crossing the sixth largest country in the world from north to south on a road called the Explorers Way is something to do once in a lifetime. Today, I’m taking you on a road trip with me. Hang your seatbelts, here we go!

The Explorers Way

It all starts with a long, very long flight. Australia is clearly not the next door. Needless to say, the choice of the airline is therefore quite important in such a situation. And I can only recommend Singapore Airlines, probably one of my favorite airlines! USB sockets, for computers, large screens, and above all, a lot of space even in eco class since the Paris>Singapour flight is done in A380! On top of that, the connection is necessarily in Singapore and this airport is probably THE reference for me. By the way, a small good plan: If you stay in a stopover for more than 6 hours at Changi Airport, you can get vouchers worth 40 dollars.

After about 25 hours of travel, I finally arrived in Darwin, the first stop on this memorable journey. Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory, aka Northern Territory.

In practical terms, this territory is more than twice the size of France. That’s all it is. And there’s a lot to see in the latter! Nature, adrenaline and wildlife lovers will love it.

Darwin, The Land Of The Crocodiles

Proof of this is Darwin, for example, you don’t have to swim everywhere because there are a lot of crocodiles in the area. Enough to calm down on the jump in the water. But this city of about 115,000 inhabitants is full of surprises. Starting with its sunsets, each more beautiful than the other.

For a unique experience to discover the sunset, you can also take a boat that will take you a little off Darwin and offer you a typical Fish and Chips in front of beautiful landscapes, and, of course, a beautiful sunset.

If you go to Darwin between May and October (which is a good idea, as the weather is milder in this city where humidity is great), you can enjoy a Weekly Mindil Beach Sunset Markets night market that takes place on Wednesdays (from 5pm to 10pm) and Saturdays (from 4pm to 8pm). The perfect place to eat something unusual, and enjoy the sunset on the beach that is nearby. Unmissable in my opinion!

Journey to…

After 2 short days in Darwin, I invite you to drive to Wangi Falls. A necessary stop for a fairly magical and easily accessible place. The same is true for Tolmer Falls, further down the road, which is a little more hidden and therefore less touristy. Don’t forget the jerseys.

Meet an Aboriginal

This experience made a huge impression on me. We hear a lot about Aboriginal people in Australia, whether it’s good or bad. Unfortunately, often in trouble, it must be admitted. However, I had the opportunity to meet one who was simply exceptional. He explained to me the differences between the modern way of life and that of the Aborigines. It was exciting! Notably the difference in the notion of time in our culture (everything is timed, measured) unlike that of the Aborigines (no watch, we meet for long periods). We also made local paintings and I realized that I wasn’t at all made for it.

It all lasted 2 hours, but it passed in 10 minutes… For the curious, here is the Facebook page of this place not to be missed if you go through the Explorers Way. A memorable encounter in perspective! Besides, I told you that you’ll also see baby wallabies there? Unmissable I tell you.

Daly Waters, where time stood still

Wow. I think I will never forget this place. Daly Waters is the typical city of the Australian Outback. Everything you can imagine is in it: Cowboys by the dozens (real, kind with the hat and everything!), a totally out-of-the-ordinary pub, and a unique atmosphere in the world. Not to mention a magical sunset when I arrived, but, I have the impression that we are entitled all over Australia. You MUST visit this place at least once in your life.

Devils Marbles, Geological Wonders

A little further south, in the centre of the Northern Territory, you can discover a truly atypical geological site. These are huge rounded granite rocks that can reach up to 6 meters in diameter!

For those who wonder why these stones are of this form, this comes from the erosion created for millions of years. More than once, I wondered how they could balance. I really advise you to go to this place an hour before sunset, the stones then change radically color over time, it’s really crazy!

Alice Springs, Central Australia (almost)

Alice Springs is this city that you can always see on the maps of the world, displayed in bulk, fat, big. I’ve always been curious to find out, given the importance it has taken on this huge map attached to my bed since I was a kid. And I was amazed by what I discovered there! Contrary to what one might think, Alice Springs has only 25,000 inhabitants and the atmosphere there is like that of Daly Waters: Unique. Very hipster, very different from what you have known so far. And, above all, there is the Kangaroo Shrine which is simply unmissable.

This sanctuary aims to bring together orphaned baby kangaroos from (tens of thousands) of parents crushed on the road every year in Australia. We don’t necessarily know, but there’s a good chance that even if the mother dies after being hit by a car, a baby may still be alive in her pocket… And it is here that the sanctuary makes sense. You know, I’m not a zoo fan at all. But I had the impression that this place was far from the cash machines that can be found in Thailand with elephants for example. Here, only preservation seems to count and that’s what makes me happy. You will never be hundreds in the place, there is only one possible visit per day… And, above all, we’re not going to lie: Coming to Australia without being able to see the kangaroos, it would still be a shame!


Uluru is this big rock that you can find on 90% of the communication pads of travel agencies looking to send you to Australia. It’s a magical symbol of the country. In short, Uluru, it’s worth a visit.

My stomach was knotted when I saw this huge icon in the distance, and the Sunset and the colors that changed over the minutes did not fail to give me the chills. I’m just a little disappointed that there are so many people in this place. But it makes sense when you know its reputation! We don’t go to the Eiffel Tower hoping to be alone on Trocadero.

Flinders Ranges, another jewel not to be missed

Heading for another territory, South Australia. And god knows it’s going to start well for you! You can’t miss the famous Flinders Range, otherwise known as Flinders Ranges, which represent the largest mountain range in the state. The highest point is Wilpena Pound. You may come across many kangaroos while strolling through them, so a tip, opens your eyes.

Lake Eyre

I didn’t expect to discover such a landscape in Oceania at all, let alone Australia. Yet Lake Eyre is very real, and it is the largest salt lake in this part of the world with an area of, please, 9300 kms2. A unique place, quite simply.

Kangaroo Island

I had a huge crush on this island. At first, I thought that the name did not portend anything good, it seemed to me really marketed as ever. And yet! I was stunned by the beauty of the island itself, and especially its eco-responsible side that does good to see these days. Here nature is queen before man. Besides, there are not many men. There are less than 5,000 of them in an area of 4400 kilometers, the 3rd largest island in Australia!

As for animals in total freedom, you will enjoy yourself. There are millions of Wallabies, koalas, sea lions, seals, and so on. More than 250 species are on the island. In short, it is paradise on earth.


How not to end this article with Adelaide, the final point of the Explorers Way but above all a city of which I have always heard a lot of good things during my travels. I quickly understood why the city is nicknamed “the 20 minutes city”, it’s impressive how easy it is to get around Adelaide and especially to find yourself so quickly where you want to go! The city is also known for its botanical garden, Central Market and the State Library of South Australia. Personally, I especially remember a city where it seems to make a very good life and where the gastronomy is of very good quality, even for vegetarians.

Final Thoughts on the Explorers Way

In the end, what is my assessment of this trip? Actually, I still have a little trouble realizing everything I could live on the other side of the world during these 3 weeks of road trip. One thing is certain, I am marked by this stay. Above all and especially by the beauty of our mother nature on Kangaroo Island, but also for all the slaps I was able to take during the Australian sunsets or for the feeling of ultimate freedom that I have felt so often as I drove on these desert outlines. To travel to Australia, you need a large budget (count about 100 euros per day). But crossing the sixth largest country in the world from north to south, definitely, it can not leave indifferent.

What To Visit In Venice?

Venice is undoubtedly a destination that most people know, through photos or even films. But as we walk through the exit door of the station, the city takes on a whole new dimension. We are immersed in it, directly: in front of us, a canal and a host of boats that circulate!

Here are some tips on what to do and visit in Venice.

How do we get there?

The ideal is to arrive at San Lucia station. Thus, you will be directly close to the heart of the city, without struggling with buses.  If you arrive by plane, a shuttle bus takes you directly to the station.

Which route should you choose?

Of all the advice that the people of Venice have told us, the same thing kept coming back: get lost in the streets. And it’s been verified! Above all, don’t use the main axes, except when it’s really necessary. The streets are crowded and lined with tourist shops. Take the parallel streets, much quieter and more relaxing, to appreciate the city.

Which neighbourhoods to visit in Venice?

The Jewish Quarter

When you leave the main san Lucia station towards the canal, take on your left, without crossing the deck degli Scalzi. You will follow a slightly busy street, the Rio, and once the first bridge has passed, walk along the canal on the left and start wandering the streets of the Jewish quarter. In the centre of this popular district is a large square, el Campo Del Ghetto Nuovo. When we passed, children were playing under the gaze of the elders, sitting on the benches, making the atmosphere joyful and catchy. If you’re looking for a ride away from the noise and the crowds, go to this area!

There are also local bars, where you can find the famous “Spritz”, an orange drink popular in Italy. You can find them everywhere, but in other more touristy corners, bars tend to give a cheaper Spritz to tourists, less connoisseurs.

For the record, the word “Ghetto” comes from the old Venetian dialect “Getto Vecchio” which was used to describe the district of the old foundry.

In 1516, the Jews of Venice were ordered to live among themselves in this district. The word has thus drifted to take on the meaning we know today.


The Dorsoduro district is also a great place to avoid the crowds.

The multitude of small streets is very appreciable and takes you to the “Zattere” docks from which you have a view of Guidecca Island. Along the quays, you can then push up to the Accademia Bridge, which will take you a little further to the famous San Marco Square, in the district of the same name.

You can also find the last gondola-making workshop in Venice. We didn’t have time to spend there, but he was warmly advised by several people! It’s called “Squero di San Trovaso”, it is not visited, but you can appreciate their work by passing by.

La Liberia Acqua Alta (Campiello del Tintor)

This bookstore is a real surprise! I had already spotted it by chance during my first stay, and it was just as random that we fell back on it. You can find old books of all kinds, ranging from encyclopedias on Venetian art to old Mickey albums dating back decades. But that’s not all. The originality of this bookseller is in particular its décor, totally atypical! Between the mazes formed by piles of books, you can find a gondola, serving as a large book tray, or stairs made up of large encyclopedias. If you climb these steps, you will enjoy a nice little view of the canal that passes right next to it.

Paracas, A City To Discover In A Few Days

Want to meet penguins or sea lions, or to ride the Quad at a lower price in a remarkable place? Paracas is the perfect destination for you for a weekend!

Discover Paracas – Surrounding

Paracas is a bit of a destination to escape from the polluted daily life of Lima that I have known for a few months. This city is only 3 hours by bus from the Peruvian capital, for about 100 soles A/R with a direct bus, or about 40 soles A/R if you first go to Pisco by bus and then you take a taxi to Paracas (a solution we have of course chosen, because more economical!), all in 4 hours. But what can we do for a weekend in Paracas? That’s what I am going to present to you in this article!

The Ballestas Islands

How can I not start this article with the famous Ballestas Islands, which are only a few dozen minutes by boat from the port of Paracas? This is the attraction that attracts the most tourists in this small town of 1,500 inhabitants!

By making this excursion, you will have the opportunity to see dozens of different species of animals, starting from penguins, passing through the hundreds of birds, not forgetting the famous sea lions that chill on the rocks.

Count about 40 soles A/R for this guided tour of about two hours, which is nice without being unforgettable (and god knows I love penguins!).

Paracas National Reserve

Here’s something to do! Protected by UNESCO, this remarkable place will allow you to discover Paracas in a different way. By quad bike, bike, bus or even on foot, you should be able to discover this reserve in the way that suits you best! We opted for the first solution: the quad. We searched for a long time an agency to carry out this little trip, but the prices were often too high. Maybe because we look a little too much like gringos?

Then a woman called us in the street to offer us an offer. At first a little confused about this direct approach, we went to his agency whose name we had already seen in the Lonely Planet, Paracas Explorer. For a hundred soles, we were entitled to 3 hours of quad biking, with an accredited guide of course!

This experience was really nice, and much more original than a simple bus tour in my opinion. Besides, the people who passed from time to time next to us in these famous buses still seemed very bored and would probably have preferred to be in our place for a few soles of difference. It’s up to you, but I highly recommend this activity.

In the end, we were lucky enough to be able to walk at more or less brisk pace in the desert and on the beaches of Paracas, and this in total freedom. And it was a dream come true!

Don’t forget to relax in the many small terraces that overlook the sea to enjoy the calm of a small town! Moreover, there are many quality hotels that offer SPAs, swimming pools and other ways to relax quietly which remains perfect for a few days.

The rest of the city of Paracas is not necessarily attractive in itself, there are only a few thousand inhabitants who all live more or less of a tourism-related activity: don’t be surprised to be approached a dozen times on the street to be offered boat tours or other.

There is finally a history museum in the city that I did not have the opportunity to visit but which would deserve a look according to some people met on the spot. See if you have time? In any case, do not hesitate to return to our blog trip after your little trip to this peaceful city!

Picture of Landscape a hotel

Top 5 Reasons why Landscaping is Important to a Hotel

The way hotels are viewed has changed today. Hotels are now associated with lots of luxury, although it is basically to accommodate people. For a hotel to stand out in today’s world, image is essential. Therefore, proper landscaping is a crucial aspect.

For your hotel to stand out to guests, the landscaping ought to be standard. Landscaping says a lot about a hotel or business in mortar and bricks. It is usually the first impression you give guests in hotels. You can make guests comfortable or uncomfortable with your landscape.

With its many benefits, you should invest in the landscape of your hotel. It will help build the image of your hotel. You can search for landscaping Corpus Christi when you are ready for those within Texas.

Choose the landscaping company to work with by going through their portfolio. If you find what you like, you can contact them to book an appointment. Before booking a landscaping appointment, here are some benefits of landscaping your hotel.

Top 5 Reasons why Landscaping is Important to a Hotel

Reasons why Landscaping is Important to a Hotel

Landscaping sends a message to your prospective clients and the general public. When people go on vacation, they want to enjoy the landscapes and connect with nature. Having an incredible landscape within a hotel help people refresh their minds and bodies.

Here are some more on what a well-planned landscape can help you achieve in your hotel;

  • Good Impression

There is a saying that the first impression matters a lot. It is usually accurate, especially in hospitality businesses. The landscaping of your hotel can either leave a good or bad first impression.

What guests first encounters is your exterior, which includes your landscape. It speaks volumes about your hotel. Once the landscape is maintained with fabulous flowers, trimmed grasses, and beautiful hardscaping, it tells that you are concerned about how your business looks to the world.

  • Landscape can attract new guests

Great landscaping can help your business by attracting new guests. People are usually moved by what they see. Once people see a beautiful, well kept, and impressive landscape, they would want to check such places out. It is a great way to improve your hotel’s image.

Beautiful landscapes can encourage guests to lodge in your hotel. Investing in landscaping will improve the image of your hotel to the public. Investing in landscaping can also help keep your old guests. It also shows that you are concerned about the appearance of your hotel to the public.

  • Landscaping helps increase security and safety

Landscaping has more value than aesthetic values. Landscape can aid safety alongside improving the look of your hotel. Well-trimmed flowers, bushes, and trees keep guests and employers walking on the sidewalk safely. Topography can also make it difficult for people to sneak into your hotel environs.

  • Landscaping promotes sustainability

Landscaping helps to promote sustainability within communities. For instance, using cultural plants for landscaping within your hotel environs can promote plants’ sustainability.

You can incorporate some rainwater collection and irrigation systems, and you would be helping native plants thrive. It enables the environment and improves your hotel’s image. In today’s world, everyone is interested in how businesses affect their environment.

Hotels with excellent landscaping help impact their environment positively. Most people tend to work with businesses that consider their impact on the ground. Investing in landscaping for your hotel comes with enormous benefits.

  • Landscaping improves the well-being of employees

Some studies prove that employees working in natural landscapes had less stress-related complaints. The study also saw a 40% increase in environmental satisfaction.

If employees are satisfied and comfortable, they save time and money. Landscape can help promote wellness in the workplace, especially among employees. This quality will, in turn, add value to your hotel.

You ought to see landscaping as a form of investment. With the right landscaping, you indirectly market your business. Landscaping is a form of branding, especially for your hotel business. Also, well-groomed landscaping can increase your hotel value as much as 15%.

What to consider when planning your landscape

  • Understand your yard that is the topography, soil type, and other essential matters.
  • Bear your guests in mind when planning.
  • Select a theme for your landscaping.
  • Create and link spaces for entrances and exits.
  • Select plants and flowers that reflective of what your hotel stands for.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Highlight points in your landscape.
  • Ensure your plantings has a structure.
  • Consider future alterations.